Data Governance & Compliance

Rubiks well-defined data governance and compliance framework empowers an organization to define guidelines and rules on data management.

How will our Data Governance services help you?

  • Advisory / Consulting
    • Data governance Charter
    • Business Case
    • Role & Responsibilities
  • Design / Develop
    • Data governance Charter
    • Business Case
    • Role & Responsibilities
  • Managed
    • Data governance Charter
    • Business Case
    • Role & Responsibilities
  • Improvise
    • Data governance Charter
    • Business Case
    • Role & Responsibilities

How will our Data Governance services help you?

  • Govern which data gets replicated and to where, and optimize by only moving data that has changed — take  into consideration the various infrastructure where data is stored
  • Data sovereignty: when data is stored in data centres, depending on the country, there is a need to comply with local compliance regulations (GDPR, CCPA…)
  • Data Security: each CSP has its own “security,” when experiencing multi-cloud there is a risk of security discrepancies, data breach, etc. because the infrastructure architecture and encryption levels vary from a CSP to another. (As data is replicated everywhere, security risks get higher.)

Master Data Management (MDM)

MDM is a technology-enabled discipline in which business and IT work together to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of the enterprise’s official shared master data assets – Gartner

Rubiks Syslabs core MDM capabilities include Customer 360, Customer data quality, Data Integrity, Data governance, Data synchronization, Data Syndication & Business process management.

In Simple way, MDM is the process of Managing Master Data from Enterprises View Point

Key Highlights

  • Strategy Consulting and Roadmap
  • Solution Architecture Services
  • Six sigma Process Standardization
  • CoE Approach
  • Service Management
  • End-to-end implementation
  • Proof of Concepts
  • Dedicated Solution Labs
  • Solution Accelerators, frameworks
    • Analytical Data Integration Hub
    • Pre-Built DI Solution Accelerators
  • Multiple Execution Model
  • Training & Support
  • Dedicated CoE for Strategic Accounts
  • Awareness Sessions
  • Tool Evaluation / Upgrade Services
  • UI Design Services

In Simple way, MDM is the process of Managing Master Data from Enterprises View Point

Customer 3600 Solutions

  • Data Management Services
  • Customer 360 Framework
  • Vendor/Dealer MDM Implementation
  • Accurate, timely and complete view of the master( customer, vendor, supplier , product) information

Product Information Management

  • Build Management Accountability & Responsibility
  • Performance Management
  • PLM COTS evaluation and selection services
  • In-life Maintenance and Enhancement Support
  • Implementation services (COTS Configuration, Business rules mapping)

Program/Project Management

  • Effective onsite & offshore modeling
  • Global presence & SMEs involvement
  • Consulting services in MDM localized solutions and data migrations
  • Rapid action force in troubleshooting


  • Showcasing MDM POCs to customers
  • FUTURUS lab for Customer specific POCs & Services
  • Expertise in Oracle, SAP, Informatica and Talend MDM solutions
  • Matured quality processes to capture the metrics


  • Diagnose the health of the current and ongoing datasets
  • Data validation reports
  • Integration with country specific 3rd party address library
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Stewardship


  • Informatica
  • Reltio
  • SAP – MDG

Data Quality Management

Rubiks syslabs has over 1000 hours of experience working on data quality profiling, consolidation, standardization, and database migration solutions. We specialize in identifying bad data and cleaning it both at the source and target. Our proven methodology ensures that the transactional data in various states is correctly migrated to target.

Studies from IT Advisory Firms Cutter and Gartner Indicate the Following:

  • 76% of the data integration projects either completely fail or overun substantially
  • The major problem is from lack of understanding of the data and its quality

A Global Data Management Study Conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers Indicates that Poor Data Quality Costs Organizations

  • 75% encounter significant problems resulting from poor data quality
  • 50% incur extra costs
  • 33% delay or scrap new systems
  • 33% fail to bill or collect receivables
  • 20% failed to meet contractual or service level agreements

How much does poor Data Quality Cost

  • $2 to correct an error at data entry
  • $15 to correct a number of errors after the fact with batch processing
  • $1000 cost of not correcting an error
  • $1$ M or Greater if Compliance Risk is not Mitigated

Data Integration

Data integration begins with the ingestion process which includes steps such as cleansing, ETL mapping, and transformation (Combining data from different sources into a single, unified view).

Data integration ultimately enables analytics tools to produce effective, actionable business insights.

At Rubiks we address the problem of large scale data integration, where the data sources are unknown at design time, are from autonomous organisations, and may be within the On-Premise / Cloud environments

Benefit of Rubiks Data Integration Solution

  • Consolidate Data from Multiple Systems to Provide a Single View of Your Customer
  • Leveraging big data & Creating data warehouses and data lakes
  • Saves time and boosts efficiency , delivering more valuable data to our Clientele
  • Rubiks Data Integration API Service is a multi cloud /Tenancy service environment Improves collaboration and unification of systems

Cloud Data Management

There is a major paradigm shift taking place in the field of data and information management. We hear that massive amounts of new data being created. Unlike ever before, this data is moving fluidly in many directions say from On-Premises To Cloud and vice versa. This helps people to access data from anywhere. Also, the data complexity has grown due to increased number of data sources, new data types and various locations where the data are stored.

Rubiks Cloud Data Management is an Integration platform that orchestrates mission critical application data across private and public clouds while delivering data management functions such as Data Security, Data Integration, Data Migration, Data compliance & analytics in a single Interface, run-anywhere platform.

Rubiks eliminates the complexity of multiple cloud solutions with an Integration engine that manages data throughout its lifecycle across all data management functions. This vision to deliver a Data fabric for data management is rooted in our vendor-agnostic platform solutions on any particular cloud.

Rubiks cloud data management solutions benefits :-

  • Meet the needs of your business with an elastic cloud database and data warehouse solution that scales compute and storage resources in minutes.
  • A common API engine that unifies data on premises and on the cloud to help you spot patterns, trends and opportunities faster.

Big Data Management

Rubiks Big Data Management  Big Data IT fundamentally basically differ from traditional IT as they are data-centric or data-driven. When unstructured and big data sources are integrated with structured operational data, you need to be confident that the results will be meaningful.

The data lakes are typically built first of all to handle large and quickly arriving volumes of unstructured data (in contrast to data warehouses processing highly structured data) from which further insights are derived.

Data Fusion Fabric is a new field that has emerged recently in Big Data Integration.

Rubiks Data Fusion Fabric uses three techniques:

  • Copy Detection – Detect copier sources and to reduce their weight
  • Voting – Detect the most common value for each attribute
  • Source Quality – After voting, weightage given to knowledgeable sources (that have the highest number of common attributes)

Using Rubiks Data Fusion Fabric with Data Integration, the below benefits are achieved:

  • Be accurate
  • Be timely
  • Be comprehensive
  • Be tailored
  • Be relevant

Product Information Management

Rubiks Syslabs provide an open-source enterprise solution for B2B and B2C companies that want to manage their product information and deliver great product experiences.

Solving the “bad product data” problem and achieving such competitive advantages—as critical as they are—are just the beginning.

Rubiks Syslabs can support migrating/moving PIM to the cloud, for our customers & clients can harness the full capabilities of clean and accurate data to promote innovation, decrease the cost of quality, exceed customer expectations, and drive revenue.

Product Information Management

  • Build Management Accountability & Responsibility
  • Performance Management
  • PLM COTS evaluation and selection services
  • In-life Maintenance and Enhancement Support
  • Implementation services (COTS Configuration, Business rules mapping)

Product Experience Portal

  • Create a central marketing content hub with configurable portals for sharing and searching product information across departments.

Data Quality Management

  • PIM’s delivers high-quality clean and trusted data with enterprise-class data quality and data governance that scales.

Omni-channel Publishing

  • PIM’s provide rich omnichannel publishing functionalities automatically supply your output channels.

Product Data Syndication

  • Capture your customers’ attention across markets and touchpoints with automated syndication to more than 2000 sales channels and marketing platforms.

Workflow Management

  • PIM boosts accuracy and productivity by establishing clearly defined business processes and standardized editorial workflows.

Cloud CRM

The cloud industry is booming, and only getting bigger. In terms of total market share it’s gone from $182.4 billion since 2018 to $249.8 billion this year and projected to hit $331.2 billion by 2022.

What benefits do Cloud CRMs offer? Should you go free, open source or opt for a pricey premium package? And how do you pick the best Cloud CRM? Last, but certainly not least, cloud CRM software is a plug-and-play solution. Since it’s hosted in the cloud, no installation is necessary. Users can just sign-up and get going. Sure, there will be some form of a learning curve, that’s a given.

Rubiks Syslabs helps its customers to achieve its Customer experience which is the name of the game. In current pandemic circumstances, any startup, SMB or enterprise needs to put their resources behind those departments that are front ending to provide services in delighting their customers. Rubiks Syslabs clearly understands their customer’s complex operational model and was able to build the business processes and automation necessary to be efficient. We help in identifying the current digital solution in order to streamline customer operations, it was difficult but the outcome was impactful. The following benefits are achieved through Rubiks Syslabs services:

  • Data Audit – Audit your CRM Data to get birds eye view of data coverage, data quality issues
  • Email Verification – Verify your B2B email addresses to reach inbox& improve targeted market
  • Phone Verification – Verified phone contact to your B2B contacts improving Sales productivity
  • Contact Verification – Find out the contacts in your DB & keep them up-to-date
  • Revenue Append – Append revenue range to companies for better segmentation
  • Address Verification – AVerify company location & address before running Campaigns/li>
  • Company Dedupe – ADedupe companies to avoid rework/li>
  • Contact De-Duple – ADe-couple Contact to reach flawless reachli>