Manufacturers are rethinking competitive advantage for the post-pandemic landscape, applying AI and hybrid cloud to build agility, automation and intelligence across key functional areas. Addressing current and future challenges requires the flexibility of hybrid cloud and the agility of new intelligent workflows—all supported with cognitive intelligence and analytics.

Rubiks Syslabs believes that manufacturing analytics can bring an incredible change to the way processes, logistics, or product quality are handled. We want to ease the access to your data and provide you with the manufacturing business intelligence software you need for advanced analytics.

Rubiks Syslabs can to leverage the unprecedented amounts of data to create more Customer centric services for their end customers. Rubiks adopts consultative approach to help clients across industries envision, build and operate more innovative enterprises.

  • Provide excellent customer experience with IoT and AI
  • Predict supply chain disruption with AI
  • Balance Supply Chain with Demand
  • Digitize the industrial machinery supply chain

Rubiks Syslabs recommends the right tools to uncover Manufacturing analytics is the process of capturing, aggregating, and analysing key performance indicators such as

  • Production volume
  • Calibrate time reduction
  • Optimize maintenance costs and get maximum Return on assets
  • Assess risk and failure
  • Implement root cause analysis, and detect anomalies
  • To optimize the production process and meet business goals


Healthcare is an ever-evolving field that requires professionals to rely on complex data to inform high-stakes decision-making. Rubiks Syslabs makes it easier to leverage advanced data technologies to do this important work, with predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning combining to create a powerful healthcare analytics platform. We prepare organizations for rapid transformation on multiple fronts, from value-based care modelling to enhancing the digital patient experience. Because trust in data is paramount, we’ll work with you to build holistic and accurate information that drives action where it matters most.

The pandemic is forcing the opening up of new delivery models, services and opportunities for optimizing workflow execution and reducing waste. Those transformations now need to accelerate. We support those who deliver health and human services to drive improvements in cost and quality, innovation and outcomes. We offer a unique combination of advanced technology solutions to help you drive impactful change, services to digitally transform organizations, and the ability to implement at scale, with the support of a trusted partner. With an embedded analytics and reporting solution, providers can:

  • Improve performance by delivering data-based quality care
  • Reduce wait-times by measuring and leveraging improvised procedures
  • Improve satisfaction and quality of care by streamlining tedious processes
  • Easily adjust to any regulatory changes through embedding an analytics solution that inherits the existing security model
  • Identify the potential for fraud by using predictive analytics to determine and notify

Banking & Financials

Banks and financial markets have to reinvent themselves on the fly while implementing new government programs in weeks instead of years. Meanwhile security and compliance mandates remain more stringent than ever.

To enhance growth, the industry must digitize and modernize to help employees adjust to new ways of working. Enterprises need a partner they can trust, Rubiks syslabs is one with industry experts to help improve all aspects of banking and move to an efficient, secure and agile cloud. We help financial firms to shift toward a more stable and agile enterprise data environment, equipped with robust and futureproof data analytics and enhanced with pervasive and integrated applications for planning, budgeting, forecasting, and simulation.

Thanks to Rubiks Syslabs, Financial Services firms achieve meaningful insights on customer behaviour and incorporate risk monitoring and compliance responsibilities into performance management. Rubiks Syslabs has all the requirements for data analysis, reporting, and predictive analytics in the Banking industry and Financial Services sector. Vast amounts of data, usually fragmented and kept in different silos, is captured and leveraged in order to provide results in a relevant framework to deliver added value, improve strategic assessment, and enable a more flexible reporting approach.

We consider the below are key pillars of banking to be strong areas of focus in the pandemic situation.

  • Quickly develop a working prototype/MVP with a set of must-have features
  • Translate your abstract idea into a clickable demo at lightning speed

Transportation & Logistics

Trucking, logistics, and transportation companies have more tools that even to track, organize, and manage their fleet operations. With that comes increased customer expectations around the speed, accuracy, and transparency of operations and product delivery.
With Rubiks, organizations have a partner who will help in seamlessly combine insights and analytics from the many systems at their disposal. Additionally offer them the tools to perform fleet management, parts management, and reverse logistics better than ever before. We help in the following areas:

  • Logistics Solutions
  • Fleet Management Solutions
  • Supply Chain Analytics

With RUBIKS transportation industry software, organizations have a partner that will help them seamlessly combine insights and analytics from the many systems at their disposal, and additionally offer them the tools to perform fleet management, parts management, and reverse logistics better than ever before.